Beast Bond delivers a range of incredibly strong products, from glues and adhesives to professional-grade epoxy resin. With beastly durability, you can rely on Beast Bond for all your DIY, repairs, and craft projects, large or small.


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    Epoxy Resin

    With beastly durability, you can rely on Beast Bond for all your DIY, repairs, and craft projects, large or small.

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    Super Glue

    Our enhanced super glue formula provides the ultimate fast-setting, maximum strength bond for multiple surfaces and vertical applications.

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SO totally happy!

I am beyond happy with my purchase. Not only is the resin easy to use and mixes well, but the little extras that came with the kit were awesome. Helps makes projects so much easier. I have tried several different resin/epoxy products, but I believe I have finally found my forever product!



Will buy again

You get everything you need to do a project right off the jump, all you need is your mold and I love that I was able to get 5 molds done all at once for a gift and still had plenty left over for other projects later. Will definitely be recommending this to anyone looking to start using epoxy resin

Nicole Lonnen


Great value and great to keep on hand

I preferred this product to similar ones that come in the teeniest tiny tubes--it was much easier to handle. I didn't experience any messiness with the application, and so far the glue is holding firm. The cap also seems superior to others--I'm more confident that this one will be airtight and allow me to get more than one use out of it before the whole thing solidifies (as I'm sure anyone who has used a product like this has experienced multiple times!)



Better than Other Glues

I’m an artist and a big crafter so I use a lot of different glues and usually my go to’s been gorilla glue, but somehow always managed to glue myself to some thing or mess up the project in someway. But with Beast Bond, I noticed a much smoother application that I didn’t immediately ruin the project, yet dried rapidly. I am impressed with how thick it is because that allows for more control opposed to others that are a lot thinner and can just spread everywhere. I’d be excited to see what other adhesives a they develop in the future.